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Helicopter Winery Tours

Discover our Helicopter Winery Tours

Get ready for the ultimate adventure with our Helicopter Winery Tours in Melbourne — where wine and good times take flight! Picture this: soaring above the stunning landscapes, exploring the coolest wineries in the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, and Bellarine Peninsula. Our helicopter winery tours start at just $749 per person, giving you a VIP ticket to breathtaking views and exclusive landings. Discover award-winning wines, and seriously good eats. It's the ultimate laid-back luxury escape.


Oakridge Wines - Yarra Valley Degustation Lunch for two
Mitchelton Wines - Goulburn Valley Exclusive Winery Lunch Adventure for two
Terindah Estate - Bellarine Peninsula Exclusive Winery Lunch Adventure for two
Zonzo Estate - Yarra Valley Fly & Dine at Zonzo Estate for two.
Balgownie Estate - Yarra Valley Fly & Dine at Balgownie Estate for two.
Hubert Estate - Yarra Valley Fly & Dine at Balgownie Estate for two.
Brown Brothers - King Valley Fly & Dine at Brown Brothers for two.

Discover Victoria from New Heights with our Helicopter Winery Tours

Unveil the beauty of Melbourne and Victoria from an entirely new perspective with our captivating helicopter winery tours. Elevate your adventure and discover the magic of our unique tours that go beyond the ordinary. Here's what sets our helicopter experiences apart:

Captivating Routes Over Melbourne, Unforgettable Memories

Embark on a journey designed to captivate your senses and create lasting memories as you explore Melbourne's stunning skyline and iconic landmarks. Our meticulously crafted routes highlight the best of regional australia, ensuring every moment is a photo-worthy experience.

Tailored Experiences for Every Explorer in Melbourne

Whether you're a thrill-seeker, a nature enthusiast, or someone seeking a romantic escape in Melbourne, we have the perfect tour for you. Choose from a variety of tailored experiences that cater to your preferences, making each tour a personalized adventure over Melbourne's cityscape.

Unmatched Comfort in Melbourne

Indulge in the lap of luxury as you take to the skies over Melbourne. Relax in our Essendon Fields lounge before your flight. Our helicopters have large windows and no middle seats to make the most of the scenic views.

Expert Guides, Local Insights into Melbourne

Our experienced pilots are not just skilled aviators; they're passionate storytellers with in-depth knowledge of Melbourne. Gain unique insights into the history, culture, and hidden gems that make Melbourne tours an educational and immersive experience.

Elevate Your Expectations of a Helicopter Tour in Melbourne

We don't just offer helicopter tours; we provide a gateway to a world of adventure, luxury, and exploration over Melbourne's vibrant cityscape. Join us as we redefine your expectations of what a day tour can be in Melbourne.

Browse Our Helicopter Winery Tours in Melbourne and Reserve Your Adventure

Explore our diverse range of helicopter winery tours in Melbourne and find the one that speaks to your sense of adventure. Booking is simple, and your extraordinary journey above Melbourne awaits. Discover the state like never before with our helicopter experiences.

Note: All tours are subject to weather conditions, availability and landing permission at the wineries. The maximum weight for any passenger is 136kg/300lbs including any luggage due to aircraft limitations.

More information

Which wineries can we fly to with our Helicopter Winery Tour?

Discover the allure of Melbourne's wine country from the skies with our Helicopter Winery Tour. Soar above the Yarra Valley, Bellarine Peninsula or Goulburn Valley and touch down at exclusive wineries carefully selected for their exceptional offerings. From family-owned boutique estates to globally acclaimed vineyards, each winery promises a unique blend of hospitality, history, and, of course, exquisite wines. Is the winery you would like to visit not listed? Reach out and we might be able to arrange to land there and create a custom helicopter winery tour.

Best way to book your Helicopter Winery Tour in Melbourne

Booking your helicopter winery tour in Melbourne is a breeze with Eco Flight. Visit our user-friendly website to explore tour options, check availability, and secure your flight on the date you prefer. For personalised assistance, our dedicated customer service team is just a phone call or email away.

How much does a Helicopter Winery Tour cost in Melbourne?

Indulge in luxury without breaking the bank. Our helicopter winery tours in Melbourne offer a range of packages to suit every budget. The cost mainly depends on the region you would like to visit and the flight time involved. Our tours to the Yarra Valley and Bellarine Peninsula start at $749 per person. The Goulburn and King Valley is slightly further and therefore start at $1149 per person.

How long does a tour take?

Our Helicopter Winery Tour is generally about 4 hours scheduled to depart at midday. We are flexible though so let us know if you would like to stay a bit longer or depart at a different time and we can customise your Helicopter Winery Tour to your needs. Visit our website for specific details on the duration of each tour option.

Which places can you depart from?

Convenience is key. Depart for your helicopter winery tour from our lounge at Essendon Fields, about 20min from the Melbourne CBD. More convenient to depart from somewhere else? Send us a request. We can depart from Moorabbin, Tyabb, Torquay and if there is enough space, even your own property.

Can I depart from my own property on a Helicopter Winery Tour?

For an added touch of exclusivity, enquire about the possibility of departing from your own property. Contact our customer service team to discuss custom departure options for a truly personalised experience.

Safety measures and weather contingencies

Your safety is our top priority. Rest assured that our helicopter tours adhere to stringent safety measures. Unlike some other websites we are not a booking agent. We operate the flights ourselves and are a CASA certified Part 133 Air Transport (Rotary) carrier and all flights are operated under AOC# CASA.AOC.0354.

Low cloud, high winds and thunderstorm will generally prevent your flight from departing. Safety is our primary concern and no compromise will be made to safety standards.

Best time of the year for a Helicopter Winery Tour

We operate all year-round. Every season creates its own special experience. Whether you prefer the vibrant colours of autumn or enjoying a glass of wine in the sun on the terrace. It's an experience you won't forget.