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Sustainability Statement Eco Flight

Sustainability Mission Statement

To overcome the threat posed by climate change, action is required by all sections of society. Eco Flight endeavours to lead the way in the helicopter industry by operating 100% carbon neutral and supporting the development of a more environmentally friendly industry.

While we believe that reducing carbon emissions is more important than offsetting them, carbon capture and offsetting is a great way to offset unavoidable emissions. Unfortunately, with the absence of completely carbon neutral helicopters certified for passenger charter (at this point in time) the only option that currently exists is capturing or offsetting the CO2 emissions created by operating our helicopters.

Our compensation program has two sides, firstly reduce avoidable carbon emissions and secondly offset all remaining carbon emissions. We do this through purchasing ACCU’s (Australian Carbon Credit Units) and a carbon capture partnership with Climeworks, who remove CO2 out of the air using their direct air capture technology and locking it away underground. Carbon credits directly support clean, renewable energy projects and energy efficiency initiatives. Each carbon credit represents one tonne of CO2 equivalent taken out of the atmosphere.