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Helicopter Charter in Melbourne

Helicopter Charter Melbourne: Make your next trip an Adventure

Unlock the beauty of Melbourne from a unique vantage point with our Helicopter Charter Services, your best choice for helicopter charter services in the city. Fly direct from your own property or depart from several convenient locations in Victoria. Our private car service can pick you up or drop you off at your Melbourne home or hotel and bring you to our lounge.

Why choose our Helicopter Charter Services in Melbourne?

Easy online scheduling:

Use our trip planner to get a fast quote. Land at various helipads and private locations, providing flexibility and quick access to your destination. Our destinations include Apollo Bay and Otways, Bright, Mansfield, Yarra Valley, Bellarine and Mornington Peninsula. But we can land pretty much anywhere, as long as there is enough space, and we have landowners permission.

Customised experiences:

Tailor your helicopter charter to suit your preferences, whether it's a romantic flight, a scenic family tour, or a corporate event. We create custom itineraries designed just for you.

Ground Connect:

Seamlessly travel door-to-door, our private car service can pick you up. It is also available as a bad weather guarantee. To get you to your destination no matter what.

Professional pilots:

Your safety is our priority. Our team of certified and experienced pilots ensures a secure and professional journey, giving you peace of mind throughout your helicopter charter in Melbourne.

How to Book?

Use our trip planner to get a fast quote for your private helicopter charter or reach out via phone (03 9063 3440) or email ops@ecoflight.com.au. Our team is ready to assist.